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We at Mist Bathrooms like to keep things simple and upfront with potential and on going clients so below you will see how our process works if you decide you would like us to complete a project for you.


Initial viewing

After first point of contact and a viewing by one of our team has been arranged you will be visited on site where the work is to take place where we will go through what you would like to have completed. we will ask what it is you are looking to have done and work with you to give you the best of our knowledge to what can be done in the room that is specified and in the unlikely case if it can not we will give you the next best option. Measurements for the entire room will be written down as well as everything you would like to have installed so when the quotation is sent to you everything that is needed to be sourced you will have the dimensions for i.e cabinet sizes, amount of tiles needing to be purchased and underfloor heating sizes.


Written quotation

Once we have everything required to give you the quotation, whomever visited you at your property will come back to the office to write this out for you with all the details of everything wanting to be installed and what is required to purchase and our price for labour and materials only. We will also state the amount of time the project should roughly take from start to finish,

as an example these are our guidelines to full bathroom refits:-


Small bathroom refits: 5-7 working days.

Average/medium bathrooms: 5-7 working days.

Large bathrooms/complete new room installation: 7-10 working days.


This will be sent to you within 1-3 working days but the majority of the time this will be sent by the end of the same working day depending on what time of day you have been visited.


Sourcing products

If you decide you are happy with everything so far with Mist Bathrooms and would like us to carryout the work for you we have a few options for you to choose from with regards to sourcing the items required.


Over the years and now with the internet making purchases freely and easily with the click of a button our customers normally prefer to source products themselves in their own time and have everything ready on site from the day we start the work. We are also happy to source the items ourselves as sometimes our customers, especially when working on rental properties tend to live away from the property area or outside of the country and are not available to source what is required them selves and have the means to store them.


If you decide to order items yourself we are more than happy for you to come back to us before purchasing to make sure they are feasible so there are no delays during the installation.


If you decide we are to source products for you we will come back to you with a list of different products we think would be suitable for you to choose from, depending what your budget is on items only. We know some customers do not like being asked what their budget is for the work they would like to have done so we will never ask for the project as a whole. We will only ask when it comes to how much you would like to spend on the suite and tiles so we can give you an idea of what is possible to have installed and what is not for design and fixture purposes.



Once a date has been agreed by yourself and Mist Bathrooms for the project to commence and you have been booked in all that needs to be done is to wait for one of our fitters (You will have been informed in advance who is carrying out the work) to arrive at your property on the date and time specified. Although the fitter will be the one carrying out the work, your first point of contact ( which sometimes maybe the fitter themsleves) who visited to give you the quotation and go through everything with you will be overseeing the project and keeping in contact and up to date with yourself and the fitter to make sure everything is running smoothly. This will be either by seeing you on site if you are at the property during working hours or by phone call at the end of each day to make sure you are happy with how things are going.

For piece of mind all of our fitters are NVQ LV 2 or equvilant hot and cold water qualified as a minimum and electricians part p qualified.


Below you will find a list of all skills our fitters have where they have a minimum of 5 years experience in bathroom fitting alone.







Painting and decorating.


So you are aware we know most properties only have the use of one toilet so rest assured this will always be installed and working by the time we leave at the end of each day if this has to be removed whilst working.


Once the project is complete all rubbish will be removed from site and the area cleaned as though we was not there.

Depending on the space available at your property and how big the project is we may require a skip to be placed on the driveway if you have one or if not we will have all items removed by a rubbish removal van.


On the last day when the work is completed your project manager will visit you and the fitter at your property to make sure everything is to your satisfaction and make any required adjustments if there are any, which we are confident there will not having going through everything from day to day. Once all is done and you are happy with everything final payment will then need to be made in your preferred method.


After installation and guarantee

A week after your project has finished you will be given a call to make sure you are happy with everything that has been done by Mist Bathrooms and to make sure everything is in good solid working order. If in the unlikely event something has cropped up that needs to be rectified we will come around at the shortist convinience to you and have this corrected.


We are proud of the work we do and know you will be too which is why we offer a 12 month gaurantee on all full bathroom refits completed by us which is put in place from the day we finish.



For piece of mind we are fully insured for all work carried out by ourselves starting at a mimimum of £1,000,000 for residential properties and adjusted if working on commercial properties to what is substantial.





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